Please Add the Option to use a Custom Material for lines of taxiway paths and painted hatched areas


Can you please add an option to use a custom material for the lines of taxiway
paths. Right now the only way to use custom materials for lines is to uncheck
the box for lines in the taxiway paths and draw a painted line above it, which
makes the process redundant and doubles the amount work. Also, painted hatched
areas need an option to use custom material or at least an option to pick a
custom color. The only way to do it now is to add a custom DDS to the project
with the same filename as the MSFS default material, but this will change the
lines for all the default airports. Current Properties of Painted Hatched

Current Properties of Taxi Paths

I believe this is still needed.

Bumping this to see if gets more votes

+1 vote on the custom material for painted hatched area.

Bumped again

I don’t see using taxiway paths as a great way to mark taxiway centerlines. It
is good for defining taxi routes, but the lines will not give a very realistic
result, particularly when overlapping lines at taxiway intersections and
whatnot. Basically it’s not flexible enough.

Bumping this again. We need to be able to change the color or texture of
Painted Hatched Areas

I don’t think I understand what you are asking for. I usually use custom
materials to paint the lines, especially to enhance the shades of yellow and
red which are very strong.