Please provide a full list of elements for Behaviors & inputEvents

Good afternoon, I’ve been struggling for days trying to implement inputEvents
and it’s an absolute nightmare. Today it dawned on me what is really
missing in the SDK to make templates and inputEvents accessible: A
comprehensive list of all the elements of the actual behavior and template
that the sim expects, without any template-variables, just the parameters as
seen by MSFS. For instance, the structure of an animation could look something
like this:

[RPN code that resolves to a number in the keyframe-animation]
[sluggishness of the animation]
[true or false]
[true or false]
[whatever that does...]

If I had this for every single element, I would be a happy camper, because I
could easily write my own templates around this structure, without going
through THOUSANDS of lines of codes, trying to figure out what Asobo’s
template vars resolve to. It would make it much easier to write our own
templates, independent of Asobos modelbehavior. We can flatten the hierarchy
when we want to and come up with simpler pieces of behavior. Please upvote
this idea, to make it happen! - Otmar

Hello @Vitus I think a lot of what you are asking
for can be found here? Model Animation Definitions

Additionally, have you had the opportunity to check the template explorer that
was added to the documentation for SU10 flighting? Template Explorer

If so, do you have any feedback about it? Regards, Sylvain