Polygon Material overrides Taxiways, Aprons, & Painted Lines

I have been working to cover up some photogrammetry footprints in a scenery.
While doing so, I noticed that the textured polygons I’m using are overriding
some of the surrounding taxiways (type=road, in this case) , aprons, and even
painted lines. Individual priorities do not seem to be taken into account here
as I originally had the cover-up polygons set to priority 0, but have tried
negative values as well. The aprons all have priorities starting no lower than
2, so they should be higher priority than the grass polygons that I have
added. [The grass polygons are in their own BGL. I need it to be structured
that way for various reasons. Having it all in a single BGL would be a pain to
manage since I have two separate package versions which need to share
resources. One for photogrammetry users, one for those who don’t use it.]

Hi Rotornut, For technical reasons, we can’t interleave polygon draws and
apron draws, so the polygon will always be rendered on top of airport
components. Xavier

I discovered this after drawing 20 polygons in the parking area and wanted to
add painted lines etc Perhaps a feature in Dev Mode to transform polygons into
Aprons for those who created polygons and then discovered they can’t use
airport components over them :slight_smile: