Possible bug in the MSFS SDK Samples installer

I find this easily reproducible: - Install the MSFS SDK to (say) e:\msfs sdk
- Install the SDK samples - Uninstall the SDK - Reinstall it in (say)
e:\msfs development\msfs sdk - Reinstalll the SDK samples The Samples
installer gives the impression of doing something but when it completes, there
is no \samples folder in e:\msfs development\msfs sdk. I ended up rescuing a
copy from the recycle bin.

Update: This seems to be caused by a bad uninstall routine as the registry
keys in
for the SDK all still point to the original installation path. Additionally,
the registry key
points to the current location of the \samples folder. Because the Samples
installer could not find the SDK folders indicated by the registry, it has
been dumped into the root of the last used drive (for me, that was drive H:
which the installer should not have been anywhere near).

I think this needs dealing with some urgency as all of my projects are now
failing to compile. I have tracked this down to the Linker | General |
Additional Library Dependancies → $(MSFS_SDK)\SimConnect SDK\lib\static which
is still pointing to the old SDK installation folder. I am having to replace
this with a hard-coded path to the new installation folder which is not good.

You may close this. After I cleaned out the registry it corrected itself and
continued to behave correctly when testing ‘install | uninstall | install
somewhere else’ again. I did software support and testing for sixteen years
and that was what we used to call ‘an environmental issue’ i.e. localised to
one or two PCs with no real reason for the failure point.

Hello @HammerStall , Thank you for your feedback. I will take the time to
check this behavior to see if we missed anything in the uninstall/install
process, but as you said, it may be a one-time issue. Regards, Boris