Possible XBox Beta Bug, Buttons and Knobs not functioning on new plane

Quite a lot of my customers who have purchased the new LearFan and also the
Q200 (now) have started reporting that the knobs and switches have stopped
working. They highlight in bright blue or yellow, but when clicked, do not
animate or actuate the intended responses/commands.They report they are
running MSFS Beta. They are in XBox only. PC is fine. I am including a link to
the aircraft. I do not have the XBox version. I can upload the master
Marketplace version export if needed. Bill Lionheart Creations

I do not see of a way to make this a ‘confidential’ message to Asobo only. No
padlock appears in the creation of this post. Bill

Hello @lyonhaart001 , You can remove the share option on your google drive
link (I was able to access the link before you edited your post). We are
testing your packages (LEARAVIA LEAR FAN 2100 and QUICKIE Q-200) on both Xbox
game version SU9/ SU10. I will let you know when I have more informations,
Regards, Boris

Many thanks. Bill LHC

@Boris , I got some good detailed feedback from a customer on the MSFS
forums. This might help you in your investigation on this issue.

Continued on a second post by this gentleman.

@lyonhaart001 Please make sure to use the " Comment " function to add
comments rather than using the “Answer” function. It will be much easier to
manage for both of us :wink: Thank
you, We were able to reproduce this issue on xbox with SU9. We don’t know the
cause yet. Have you tried checking your files to see if there is anything
unusual that could explain why your packages has this specific problem?
Regards, Boris

Hello @Boris I do not know what to check for. I was told I should get an XBox
controller and see exactly what knobs and buttons arent working and inspect
the coding. I will be doing that. I’ll let you know what I find. Bill LHC

@lyonhaart001 , I suggest you use the option Windows > Behavior to check
errors / warning in your xml / gltf files As you can see, there are many
components with the same id but that contain different parameters each time

Make sure to include only the
necessary files in in your xml files. Check the “Replacements / Model Verif
/” etc… to see the other warning and errors messages You also have unused old
files in your panel folder. When your package will be cleaned, send it to us
and we will test its behavior on the xbox. Regards, Boris

Many thanks @Boris ! Very much appreciated. Bill LHC