Potential bug with Blendtree aliasing

I am trying to use Blendtree-based animations for my passengers. Passengers
are added as attachments to the aircraft so the models are in the same folder
as the aircraft. When trying to Include their animation file, be that with
Submodels or with the deprecated “Animation IncludeFile” method, the
animations fail to play and during the build I’m getting an error saying that
it can’t find
“animation\…\…\SWS_Pilatus_PC12\animation\SWS_Passengers.gltf”. Here’s
what the file structure looks like:

  • SWS_Pilatus_PC12
    • animation
      • SWS_Passengers.gltf - animation file
      • SWS_PassengerAnimations.xml - Blendtree animation container, aliased in the passenger.xml file
    • model.passenger2
      • SWS_Passenger2.xml: XML file referencing the gltf and xml files with the animations. Aliasing is done by going two levels behind. Reason to follow. (…\…\SWS_Pilatus_PC12\animation\etc)
  • SWS_Pilatus_PC12_5B
    • model.cfg: References the interior file from SWS_Pilatus_PC12. If I don’t set the SWS_Passenger2.xml file to alias two levels behind, then the 5B model won’t be built as it cannot find the passenger animation files.

So three problems here: 1) Aliasing the Blendtree from a simobject container
to another container, requires going two levels behind. It considers the
current container as its base, not the container where the aliased model is 2)
#1 throws out an error that you can’t go two levels back for Blendtree
animations 3) Even if I respect 1 & 2, the Blendtree animations don’t work for
the “attached” passengers. Other code that’s put within the “Behaviors” file
works fine, but the Blendtree code doesn’t and I end up with a T-Pose. I have
successfully made such animations with animals, but can’t get it to work here.