Potential performance issue over time caused by lights

Hello, When the A32NX is running for some hours just standing on the runway
(but also in flight as reported by users), the sim builds up a performance
issue on the main thread that can be solved by turning off and on the NAV
lights. It does not happen with the default A320 as it seems, but it hints for
an underlying issue in the game engine that is for sure worth solving. Best,

Hello @aguther Sorry for the delay. This issue will be investigated. Thank you
for reporting it :slight_smile: Regards, Sylvain

If this is the case it may also explain the post SU9 performance issue we are
seeing with some of our scenery as it makes a lot of use of lights.

Hello @aguther Some update on this. We’ve been able to reproduce the issue. It
seems to come from the particle system used for your lights, it ends up
spawning way too many particles. I don’t know yet which fx is the culprit and
if it’s a problem of configuration that leads to infinite lifetime particle or
an issue in the code. I’ll keep digging. Regards, Sylvain

Hello @aguther The problem has been identified. Your
LIGHT_A32NX_LogoLightAmbient.fx file defines an emitter with infinite
lifetime, a rate of 1 particle / second, and it spawns particles that have
infinite lifetime. There was no protection against this in the old FX system
code so you end up constantly spawning particles that never die. Turning the
light off was resetting the emitter and clearing all its particles. You can
fix this by setting a lifetime for your emitter or particles, just like you
did in your other fx files. We will enforce a maximum number of particles per
emitter on our side to solve the problem. Regards, Sylvain

Wow and thank you so much for this investigation and sorry for causing this.
We will change that on our side. The fix on your end might also in other cases
where developers are (as we) not aware of it. :slight_smile: