Problems Compiling first Jetway

I’ve been following Peter Horfeck’s Blender Jetway Tutorial for a few days
now, but I’ve been stuck for day trying to figure out the below compiling
errors. For some reason MSFS compiler doesn’t think my model has faces. These
10 errors correlate to every object within my model jetway. I’m an avid
modeller, but not with Blender so I’m probably doing something wrong in
Blender with my model or export. I definitely have faces on my model, as I can
see them within Blender. I can get the project to successfully compile if I
open my gltf file in MCX and re-export it, but that just strips all the
“settings” out of the gltf, so the Jetway doesn’t move in game. Any help
moving me along would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if it would be
helpful to see anything with Blender and I’ll be sure to get screen grabs.

Hello @lanepulcini Are you using the official Asobo Blender 1.3.0 plugin?
GitHub - AsoboStudio/glTF-Blender-IO-
If so, this can
happen when you have incorrect geometry like a isolated vertices that are part
of your object. Make sure you do not have such issues. If that’s not the
problem, please provide us with a blend file that produces this issue and
we’ll investigate further. Regards, Sylvain