Problems with projected mesh

Here we continue. The long awaited day of the release of the Sim Update V has
arrived but the problems that we have been reporting for weeks through this
medium and by email are not solved and they do not respond to emails. I have
two airports completely finished and I can not send them to the store because
the SIM UPDATE V has completely destroyed the projected mesh. You can not
manipulate or modify the projected mesh because it is not visible, you can
only see it for a few seconds and then it disappears. It is not exported in
the original size, if you export it as a Model it respects the size it should
have but if it is exported as a projected mesh it appears in a very reduced
size that forces to scale it and this becomes very complicated. Can anyone
shed light on this matter? Thank you.

Hello, We’ve regained some bandwith so one of our developers will take a look
this week. He will ask you for more details if needed. Alyzée

Thank you, I will be here for whatever is needed. At the moment I have other
problems besides that. *When I compile the airport package (Build Package) and
finish the compilation everything disappears, which forces me to close the
development mode and reopen it and load the package, this is really annoying
and makes me lose a lot of time. * In the previous version if I used the LIGHT
ROW Mode to place apron edge lights these looked perfect with its blue lamp,
now being very close to it what you see is something that looks like a
deformed bronze trophy, the same happens with the runway edge lights.

Hello We are investigating this issue. What do you mean when you say it’s not
exported in the original size? Are you talking about the way it’s rendered
when the package is build and copied to Community? or still referring to the
behaviour in the editor? Regards, Sylvain

Hello, I have been absent for a few days because the second vaccine against
covid 19 left me a little weak, today I am better and I come to clear up some
doubts and whatever is needed. I will be updating with pictures. to be

Ok, we continue. I have used
this method in the past with other airports I own and have not experienced any
problems until now with SU5. The projected mesh is composed of 14 textures of
2048x2048 together in a single model. Once I am with the project open always
in dev mode, when importing the projected mesh it does not appear the real
size, it appears very small on the terrain and I am forced to scale it many
times until I find the approximate size. This is a big problem. Then there is
the following problem, and it is that a few seconds after importing it
disappears, I will make a short video and upload it. to be continued…

@FlyingRaccoon Ok, I think this video explains
well what happens, when I bring the projected mesh to the work area it can be
seen in its original size for a few milliseconds and then it appears reduced
in size, which forces me to have to adjust its size but this is impossible
because it is no longer visible.


Hello. The disappearing issue should be fixed in the upcoming updates. I’ll
create a bug task about the scaling problem. Can you provide me with a sample
project containing this asset so that we can easily reproduce and have a place
to start investigating? Regards, Sylvain

Hello, of course. I can send you this same project and test with it. Tell me
where you want me to send it. thank you.

I just discovered a new problem that never happened before and it is happening
with SU5, I have a lot of terraforming rectangles and many of them with
included profiles that have been damaged when I started working with the
airport aprons. I don’t know why this has happened but it has just damaged a
lot of my project work, where there was a smooth profile now I have a hole,
this is unbelievable and disappointing, the amount of time they are wasting
and the economic damage that this means seems that they don’t care at all. The
pictures are just a sample, but the problem is almost everywhere, and the more
I advance placing aprons the more profiles break.

Hello. Post it here as a private comment.

@TDM_SceneryDesign Can you create a
dedicated question about this please? It will be easier to keep track of each
separate issue.

Hello @TDM_SceneryDesign Sorry for the delay in our answer. The projected
meshes are not taking any additional transformation into account at the
moment. You want to make sure your transformations are applied to the mesh
before exporting your GLTF. In your case, the scale and rotation are stored in
the GLTF object node and therefore not applied when using that object as a
projected mesh. We added a warning when transformations are detected in an
object used for projected mesh and the documentation will also be updated to
make sure this is stated. We also are planning to implement transformation
support in future updates. Regards, Asobo / Sylvain