Proposal for enhancement to upcoming LOD system

The new LOD limits will be active at some point in the future. Obviously this
is to help maintain performance on less powerful machines or platforms.
However, as others have suggested here the new LOD limits are quite
restrictive and not all computers need such limits. Under the new limits,
complex models are penalised in low complexity scenes. So here’s a proposal
that I think works for everyone but needs an extra layer of logic: Have the
system render the highest detail LOD based on the available resources, within
the context of the entire scene.
To put it another way: If there are the
resources available due to the complexity of the overall scene being low,
what’s to stop the objects within it being taken up a LOD or two in order to
improve quality. If a high complexity model is in a high complexity area (e.g.
New York) the new LOD requirements are fine. Turning this extra layer of logic
on could be a user preference of course. Thoughts? Tagging @OptimalCoyote89
and @FlyingRaccoon as they have been involved in related discussions on
another thread.