Q for Asobo: Limits of Creativity

As we all know, taxiway and runway markings on grass are usually done with differently shaped and colored cones.

Since we can’t place objects in World Hub mode, the least intrusive option is simply not to use grass patches to hide the remnants of the cones “burned” into the aerial.

Creative genius that I am, I figured out that I could take this a step further by abusing painted lines (wide white and yellow lines) to “paint the cones” on the grass, making them easier to identify.

I feel this is an edge case of what can or cannot be accepted in a WH submission.

I’m sure there other tricks to “game the system” and work around missing features in WH mode. I just haven’t discovered them yet (I guess I’m not such a creative genius after all), but others will.

What’s your take on this, Asobo people?


Not Asobo people here,

If there was a function like the “LightRow” tool where you could snap cone objects to the vertices instead of regular lights…that would be cool.

Though I swear there was a tool outside of the Hub SDK where you could do that with fences and whatnot.

Totally agree that a tool embedded within the Hub SDK would be beneficial! Especially with grass strips/taxiways/aprons.

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While I love the idea to get the vector placement tool for runway markers in the World Hub, it’s just a variation of “let us place (certain) objects”. It seems unrealistic to expect this feature to make it into the first public release of World Hub. I believe it’ll take a bunch of votes on the other forum (after release) to change the state from “not planned” to “Microsoft wants us to implement this”. :wink:

I was hoping to focus this thread on creative ways of using the tools we actually have now, and how much wiggle room we (or the mods) have in that respect.

My two airports with “painted cones” got accepted, btw, and I appreciate that.

I like the painted lines idea!

Another option that I ended up using was to create a small polygon that somewhat matched the cone diameter, applying an asphalt texture, then modifying the coloration to reflect the ground object. Granted it was a small white cone, but I’d imagine it working with other colors. If there’s a way to make the texture more 3D, I’d love to know.

Even if Asobo are reluctant to open up object placment (i get it - you don’t want someone placing 5000 dumpsters, airstairs and bollards around the place tanking everyone’s frame rates) but AT LEAST let us place some crucial airport objects such as traffic cones and apron lighting. Also, fencing is pretty important - it’s a little strange parked at an apron looking directly at some parked cars with nothing in between.


I posted in the wishlist forum, this needs your comments and your vote:

Hi, everyone,

You’re right, we don’t have this system in the game.
Feel free to make your suggestions/feedbacks in the corresponding sub-category : Feedback - MSFS DevSupport


Thanks for your advice. But: Asobo already knows we want to place objects. If the usual rules apply, we need to get Microsoft’s attention and demonstrate that there’s interest for the feature among a large number of users (via votes). And we need the extra votes of the people who don’t want to use the World Hub, the ones who just want prettier and more accurate airports.

Now I derailed my own thread, which was about whether we can work around missing objects.

Back to the topic of cones and lines, I had the same idea at first and virtually repaint all big white lines (runway limit, chevron) with wide painted lines (at LFPZ). But I changed my mind when I saw that these manually added lines didn’t matches in MSFS when I test my build out of the dev mode: the syndrome of the two versions of aerial :frowning: