Question on Wwise System Registry

Hello Team Asobo, If I am using a stock Tier 1 Asobo PCK sound pack from a
stock, standard Asobo airplane, and only made modifications to the Sound XML
file with zero tampering to the Asobo PCK file, only the SoundXML file (its
config), then do I need to register this to Wwise? I have not created a Wwise
project, I am only using a stock Asobo sound pack. I have no Wwise project to
upload. My thoughts are, I do not qualify to register anything as I have not
created a Wwise project and compiled my own PCK sound pack or Sound Bank. Is
that correct? I was just on the Wwise system, thinking I upload the entire
plane, but you upload your ‘Wwise’ project files, and I do not have those. No
compiling has been done. There is ‘no’ Wwise project that has been created.
Let me know if this is correct, that no registering is necessary in such a
case as this where the Wwise system was not used to create a soundbank. Kind
regards, Bill Ortis Lionheart Creations

In my understanding - you don’t need personal license to use PCK inside of
MSFS, ASOBO has agreement with Audiokinetic that also affects 3rd party