Re-ordering/prioritization of MarketPlace sceneries doesn´t work

Hi, one question, I have tried now the new content.xml file structure to re-
order packages but it looks like, that MarketPlace packages (Official family),
can´t be re-ordered because they will be loaded automatically? Is this
correct? As an example: The airport icao code MPTO isn´t in the stock scenery
of the sim. Now we create this airport with the runways in our navdata-base
package. All user can use the MPTO airport now, all runways are correct. Now a
user buy the MPTO 3rd party scenery from VPilot via the Marketplace. When the
user now look on the MPTO airport he/she see´s multiple runways because the
runways come from two packages (our base-package and the 3rd party package).
Ok, I try to re-order the packages, via the re-ordering tool:

That would mean, load the navdata-base first (which includes the MPTO airport
and runways), than load the 3rd party MPTO scenery next and last load the
navdata-package. I thought, now that the VPilot 3rd party scenery overwrite
our base-package but no … still the same issue with the multiple runways.

So, how can I re-
order/prioritize MarketPlace sceneries as in this case, the navdata-base
package must be loaded BEFORE the VPILOT-package to overwrite the runways
(according the screenshot, the delete runways cmd is set in the 3rd party
scenery)? Thank you, Richard

… additional to the posting above and why I´m pretty sure that this is a bug
now - when you move the MarketPlace 3rd party scenery from the
Official/OneStore folder to the Community folder, the prioritization works as
expected. According my content.xml file example from the first posting: 1.
the navigraph-navdata-base package will be loaded 2. the 3rd party VPilot
MPTO scenery will be loaded 3. the navigraph-navdata package will be loaded
Result - the 3rd party scenery “overwrite” our base package (which also
include the MPTO airport) and you see the correct runways:

… als here - you see,
comparing to the same screenshot above, that the packages will now be loaded
in the correct order, according the content.xml file.
So, it looks really that
scenery-packages from the Official and Offical/OneStore folder CAN´T be
Cheers, Richard

Hi Richard, Actually it’s not a bug, we are sorting package inside each
package family: “Package Families rules: TiedToExe => Mandatory => Local =>
Official => Community => Edition” /articles/9407/changes-on-contentxml-
It’s still
a WIP feature, in the future we will probably allow to prioritize across
package family Regards, Xavier

Thanks Xavier, yes I know that … but you offer all packages in the “re-order
tool” and that´s very confusing for us and also for the end user. There is
nowhere any information, that the content.xml file is now ONLY for the
Community-Folder - In the past, there were all packages included and also you
have the possibility to sort all packages. The automatic sorting order is one
thing but the manual prioritization another one because you have now no
possibility to “overwrite” sceneries from the MarketPlace. Sorry, but that´s a
step backward as forward. Cheers, Richard

Another option could be to take the lines containing apx26280.bgl out of the
layout.json in the navigraph-navdata-base folder.

I am curious @NAVData if this scenario would work if the following entry was
omitted altogether from content.xml?

/users/241/navdata.html Seems like Asobo added MPTO
by default and the double runway issue is happening even without our airport.
Would you be able to remove the airport from your package now that it is
included with the sim?

Is there any improvement regarding this matter? The double runway issue is
still happening with multiple airports and 3rd party addons.

Hello @cptalpdeniz I’m afraid we haven’t moved forward on this subject.

Hello, For Su12, we have changed a bit the way packages are sorted, we will go
more in details in the release notes. But to sumarize: The package order
system is now only based on package dependency, priority and alphabetically
order. To respect package family precedence rules, we set by default package
TiedToExe to -500, Mandatory to -400, Local to -300, Platform to -200,
and package from Official to -100. But the package order tool (and the
content.xml) can now change any package priority and so bypass the family
rules. Regards, Xavier