Read gate lat/long

Gates information is available in the airport information, but I don’t
understand how this information is formalized.

  • The values for latitude and longitude are strange, not like the lat/long coordinates usually found for airports or waypoints. In the example shown here (gates in Paris Le Bourget LFPB), the latitude is expressed in thousands and the longitude is always integer, strange… I guess there is a way to calculate the exact lat/long position for each gate.
  • The name is strange (always 1 in my example), again the full name can probably be computed from the name, number and suffix.

Any help is greatly welcome. Thanks.

The gate lat/lon are offsets in metres from the airport lat/lon. I was doing
this for gate ident… but I ignore some of the data as you can see… edit:
also see the asobo-vcockpits-

private static letters = 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ';

... snip ...

// values less than 12 are gate types, which we don't care for... 12 or greater are alphabetical chars which we do care for
const prefix = >= 12 && < 38 ? MsfsMapping.letters[ - 12] : '';
const suffix = msGate.suffix >= 12 && msGate.suffix < 38 ? MsfsMapping.letters[msGate.suffix - 12] : '';
const ident = `${prefix}${msGate.number.toString()}${suffix}`;

Thanks for your help, it works perfectly :slight_smile:

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I assumed the same, which I asked here
of-parking-spots.html> but I’m not able to calculate the correct lat/longs of
the parking spots. Are you able to? What algo are you using? Thanks!