Read GPS Variables from WASM

Is it possible to read Read GPS Variables from standalone WASM module? Trying
to do this using with way like bool res = execute_calculator_code(Code,
&fvalue;, &ivalue;, &svalue;); all A and L vars read well, but Code like:
(C:fs9gps:FlightPlanWaypointsNumber, Number)
(C:fs9gps:NearestAirportCurrentICAO, String) just give me nothing. Finally I
need simple thing - detect nearest airport from WASM module. Is a way exist
for this. Thanks and Regards!

At the same time I just trying to solve this task (nearest airport) via .js
(execute it in toolbar) like this:

SimVar.SetSimVarValue('C:fs9gps:NearestAirportMaximumItems', 'Number', 5);
SimVar.SetSimVarValue('C:fs9gps:NearestAirportMaximumDistance', 'Meters', 1000000);

let Lat = SimVar.GetSimVarValue('A:PLANE LATITUDE', 'Radians', '');
let Lon = SimVar.GetSimVarValue('A:PLANE LONGITUDE', 'Radians', '');
SimVar.SetSimVarValue('C:fs9gps:NearestAirportCurrentAirportLatitude', 'Radians', Lat);
SimVar.SetSimVarValue('C:fs9gps:NearestAirportCurrentAirportLongitude', 'Radians', Lon);

SimVar.SetSimVarValue('C:fs9gps:NearestAirportCurrentLine', 'Number', 0);
let resValue = SimVar.GetSimVarValue('C:fs9gps:NearestAirportCurrentIdent', 'String', '');
document.getElementById("idSimVarTxt").value = resValue;

And get nothing again! Wow! Next step I just try to execute more simple
thing and find this:

SimVar.SetSimVarValue('C:fs9gps:NearestAirportMaximumItems', 'Number', 5);
let resValue = SimVar.GetSimVarValue('C:fs9gps:NearestAirportMaximumItems', 'Number', '');

give me resValue = 5 (nice!) But this code:

SimVar.SetSimVarValue('C:fs9gps:NearestAirportMaximumDistance', 'Meters', 100000);
let resValue = SimVar.GetSimVarValue('C:fs9gps:NearestAirportMaximumDistance', 'Meters', '');

give me resValue = 0 (how?) so, if NearestAirportMaximumDistance is
not settable , may be this is a reason why I get NearestAirportItemsNumber
always 0?

Not sure if the FS9GPS api should be used. I would recommend trying with the
facilities API SimConnect_AddToFacilityDefinition
There are also samples in the SDK samples folder

Not sure if facilities API allow me to detect current/nearest airport. But
thank you anyway!

It will give you all the facilities matching your filter within a certain
radius of the aircraft