Removing water?

I want to create a custom runway where there is currently a lagoon, but I
can’t figure out how to exclude the water? Exclude Rectangle doesn’t seem to
work, and Polygon doesn’t seem to have an option to exclude water - is this

Draw a fresh polygon (no other option checked) Check water checkbox then →
exclude water There are several types, choose one of them, when you choose the
right one the water will disappear (the debug tile option should have the
water type information too)

Thanks so much!

Indeed @mamudesign , that’s the right way to proceed :slight_smile: I will just add that
the documentation about this is

:wink: Regards, Boris

Hi. Please keep in mind, that there are still areas of water that no water-
exclude-polygon type can remove. There is even such an area in Washington DC
as well as in Seattle, just north of the city.