Replacement airport package (broken)

After following these steps I built the package, copy and past the package into my community folder. Relaunch the sim and none of my adds and edits appear at the airport, default continues to show up.
Project Editor → New project
• Select folder location
• Project Name - ICAIO code
• Creator Name - GQTexas
• Company Name - gqtexas
• Create new Project
• Select Package → Next
• Select Airport
• Display Title - ICAO → Next
• Over ride and existing airport → Create Airport
• Thumb Nail 412x170
• Build Package
• Select BLG
• Load Editor (wait for all objects to load in)
• Select airport
• In properties
○ Enter all airport information
○ Delete command (as preferred)
Build runway

Update: my fix was to reinstall the SKD and sim in order for it to work again. This post can be deleted.