[REQ] Add additional “material” to more things in the path properties

update : Changed my explanation, so it becomes more clear what I like My
wish and feature request for the SDK is: Add additional “material”-selections
would help a lot in terms of simplicity and also no longer need to use the
painted line option combined with light rows (in my case). example of what
would like and work great for me and other devs:

Thank you in advance

Hello @hunter555 , I’m not sure I understand.
TaxiwayPath already has a material slot as you can see

Are you talking about
another feature? Edit: I noticed that you edited your post to include a
screenshot, which provides a clearer explanation of your request. Thank you!
:slight_smile: Regards, Boris

He is talking about the painted lines (center and edge) material, need a way
to add a specific texture (just like using the stand-alone PaintedLine
feature) Like the idea, still out of votes -.-

yes, im sorry for the original post, it wasn’t clear lol

I posted an idea for this in Jan 2022 but never got the attention needed. I
think it would save a lot of time.
@Boris1 @hunter555

Thanks @vpilot Exactly, it would save us devs sooo
much time, not sure why your original post didn’t get the attention it needs.
I hope maybe it helps then by having it posted again? I really not just want
this feature, I actually NEED it quite urgently, as it simply would be a huge