Requesting help with Glass Transparency

@FlyingRaccoon Good morning dear colleagues. I have a problem that I do not
know how to solve, it is the first time that I do a job with these
characteristics and I do not know how to approach it. I made the passenger
terminal with transparent glass to see the interior, the terminal works
perfectly, guided by the samples of glass SDK I could make a transparency that
I like and that works well in any condition and time.

In the following pictures you
can see that the terminal does not present any problem. The problem is that
now I am placing some fixed and mobile boarding bridges that also have
transparent glass, these are a big problem, because when you see through them,
the glass of the terminal breaks it. I request help in this matter to see what
I am doing wrong, with the terminal I do not have this problem, even the
terminal glasses do not break when I see through them and see the jetways for
example. On the contrary, the jetways and fixed boarding bridges break when
looking through them to any other transparent material with PBR.

Hello We don’t support multiple overlapping glass materials at the moment. Our
own artist team tries to avoid these setup. We have plans to improve this but
nothing short term. In the meantime, what I suggest is to use the
ParallaxWindow material and use the interior of your terminal to generate the
texture. SDK Documentation

Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, Thanks for your confirmation. I have been struggling with
translucent elements which also require multiple layers of transparency to
overlap and they also show the behavior on this topic. It would be nice to
have this in the future, I will need to re-think the project now to avoid it
since unfortunately parallaxwindow material would not work in our case…
Regards, Simbol

Hello @FlyingRaccoon , thank you for replying. I don’t see how ParallaxWindow
material can help in jwtways, it wouldn’t be realistic at all. Hopefully this
will be fixed soon, this was also a known problem in FSX and P3D but in P3D it
was fixed, here I see it continues.

I wasn’t thinking about using it for the jetways, rather keep your jetways
with glass materials and use the ParallaxWindow for the terminal. Transparent
surfaces rendering order issues is not something easy to deal with, especially
on modern engines but I’m sure we’ll come up with a good solution. Regards,

Hi, it has taken me a lot of work to do all the inside of the terminal to
leave it sealed, I have decided to leave the jetways Opaque for now, I think
it has looked pretty good and it is less damage than having to leave the
terminal covered.