Requesting 'Templates' for AS580 Knobs on Vertical screens

Hello Team Asobo, Is it possible to obtain the knob ‘Templates’ for the AS580
mini TSC screens as like are in the Longitude Jet? I have searched and
searched. The Interior Model XML of the Longitude is locked out (hidden). The
Horizontal units in the TBM only have 2 knobs and nothing is in the Interior
XML that I could find relating to those knobs, and they have one missing on
each unit of the Horizontal unit. /////// LEFT SCREEN KNOBS ///// Left Knob on
Left Screen; AS580_Knob_02_2 Middle Knob on Left Screen; AS580_Knob_3_2 Right
Knob on Left Screen; Top Cap; MFD_Push_Select_1.003 <-– possibly wrong Upper
Knob section; AS580_Knob_01_Small_2 Lower Knob Section; AS580_Knob_01_2
/////// RIGHT SCREEN KNOBS ////// Left Knob on Right Screen; AS580_Knob_02_3
Middle Knob on Right Screen; AS580_Knob_3_3 Right Knob on Right Screen; Top
Cap; MFD_Push_Select_1.002 <-– possibly wrong Upper Knob section;
AS580_Knob_01_Small_3 Lower Knob Section; AS580_Knob_01_3 Photo of the screens
that the knobs are attached.

Bill Lionheart Creations

This is the Asobo Longitude dual (actually 4) TCS screens. I need the Interior
model XML Templates for those screen gauges ‘knobs’, if it is possible. I
would be so very grateful.

I have circled the knobs that I am talking about. So many details in that
photo. Apologies.

I have tried using GNS540 knob coding, but it doesnt talk with the ASX3
screens that I am using, nor the AS580 screens, which are the TCS units (small
screens on Pedestal).