Retrieve "skid" value from SDK Debug as TurnCoordinatorBall?


in SDK Debug → Aircraft → Tracking you’ll find a value called “skid”. It seems like that this value is exactly what is needed to have the correct Var for the A:TurnCoordinatorBall for helicopters.
The current representation of the “ball” doesn’t work well for helicopters (also noted under various bug reports), especially with crosswinds.
The “skid” value on the other hand, seems to do that just perfectly if you try to nullify it (skid value = 0) for a coordinated flight.

So, is there any possibility to access this value somewhere or retrieve the math behind it to build a L:Var out of it?

This would be very helpful since almost all helicopters suffer (native or thirdparty) from the wrong representation of the “ball”.

Thanks a lot!

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