Rotating Beacon does not work on any object even when choosing ' Beacon' properties

I am trying to put a beacon on my Airport project i am working on, but i have noticed, when you click on an object’s properties from the SDK, and even if you choose ‘has Beacon’ option, no lighted beacon actually shows up at night. Even the ‘Rotating Beacon tower’, does not actually have a working airport beacon ’ for example, green/white for Civilian airports. No light shows. Is this a bug , or am i missing a step.

I am referring to beacons within the SDK object library. [not a beacon created separately as a 3d object in blender, for example. [ I have not learnt how to do that yet]

Inside the SDK the beacon can’t be seen. Compile it and look the scenery on the MSFS, the beacon must be working here.

Unfortunately, the beacon i placed on the control tower in the SDK still is not working.

Set the beacon on a beacon tower (default) not at the control tower. To put the beacon on another site, their position must be adjusted. I’ve done a lot of airfields with beacon towers. See minute 6:53 of this video:
Hope this help.