ROTOR CHIP DETECTED & ROTOR TEMPERATURE simvars don't seem to be implemented

Version: SU13 Beta - (not likely to be specific to the beta)
Frequency: Consistently
Context: Applies to all native helicopters
Bug description:
These variables are documented in the SDK but they don’t appear to be connected.
Repro steps:

  1. Load a native helicopter like the Cabri G2 or HPG H145
  2. Using coherent debugger, query SimVar.GetSimVarValue("ROTOR CHIP DETECTED","bool")

EXPECTED: Bool 0 or 1 logic
OBSERVED: The result is the specific very small number which is always correlated with unregistered simvars (for example you can add random text to the variable name and it will be the same value).

I was looking for K:Events to trigger this var, but it seems that it is unimplemented anyway. Probably the documentation should simply be updated to remove the reference to ROTOR CHIP DETECTED.

Edit 1: ROTOR TEMPERATURE, rankine seems to have the same problem, it is not showing any data.

Hello @davux3

Both of these Simvars are indeed depreciated. @Nocturne will update the documentation.

Thank you for this report,



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