Runway Numbers are far too small

The runway numbers generated on smaller runways in the US are far too small. Unfortunately there is no way to change this and it makes seeing runway numbers from the air incredibly difficult.

Below is the in-sim number compared to the actual number from the aerial. I put a box around the in-sim number, then extrapolated that until at least the entire real number was covered. The sim is about 1/3 the correct width and 2/3 the correct depth for a total of less than 15% the correct surface area. This occurs at every single small runway (less than 150’ wide) in the sim.

Per advisory circular 150-5340-1M, 2-7 each runway designator should be 60’ high and 20’ wide and spaced 15’ apart on dual numbers. However, they cannot infringe upon an area less than 2’ from the runway edge or edge marking, so when a runway is too narrow, they are reduced proportionally to leave that 2’ gap on either side. But the sim takes it comically far.

I am not sure if ICAO follows the same convention, but in any regard, please allow for a switch or some sort of resizing option for US airports.