Runway start position not changing

An airport I am modifying has the aircraft starting some distance up the
runway. When I modify the position in the sdk all appears correct in the .xml
file but after compiling the start position hasn’t changed. In the xml I have
delete all starts set

Does your project save okay without error? Is anything else making it to your
“export” but only the runway edit not? I would make sure you have nothing in
the project (like a none-power-of-2 texture, painted line not closed, a
taxipoint or a double texture name). Also is your airport.xml maybe broken
somewhere? click on the opening and closing handles - sometimes on a crash I
would get special characters and airport.xml would be corrupted thus not being
able to export anything I worked on. Even a closing tag will make you error
but if you are not using the packagetool.exe you wont see the description of
error sometimes (may have been lost in the console, or just not as detailed).
When you have these issues sometimes you can think your changing and saving
but you are actually doing nothing and it will only export what you had up
until the fault happened. Then on the export you realize somethings wrong.
This being said, when you have checked off “edit position” of the secondary
and primary starting point make sure you have unchecked it when done or else
you will get an error saving. Then on export it wont show anything you have
done after that. Good luck.

There is nothing unusual in the runway area, file Compiles OK and if I
decompile it later with bglxml my start positions are correct. I have only
been using devmode since SU6 because of the lack of the console in
packagetool.exe . I see there is a work round for the console and I will
download it and see whether that throws up any errors that I have missed

I gave up trying to change the runway start position as it showed up correctly
on the world map but not actually implemented. I then did a flight from
another airport and found that the start position was wrong in that and
checked several others. It appears that I start from a position some distance
up the runway on every airport in my system and I cannot think of any option
in my setup that could be causing this. Any Ideas?

Does the taxi system feed into the runway in a junction beyond the start but
relatively close to it? If it does then the plane will always start after that
taxi system entrance. This happens at stock airports too.

Hello friends, I have exactly the same problem, when I select the runway for start, the plane spawn about 250 meters ahead and I don’t know the reason, I tried everything I could think of, but it was useless, I hope a definitive solution will be found.