Rwy landing lights on the surface and above the surface

How can to select the type which
I need ?

Hello @niksan29 , what is the name of this
airport ? The name you are looking for is “Approach Lights”. You can change
it’s type in runway properties > Approach lights but It seems that the
terrain is not flat and i’m not sure why. Regards, Boris

Course, I know where to change the type of landing lights;) the problem is in
others: how do I choose what they should be: above the surface or below it…
it seems that this is automatically selected depending on the proximity to the
taxi line, if it is close then the lights will be on the surface if far then
above, it was also discussed here:

If they’re placed within a taxiway they will be forced into embedded versions.
You can disable draw surface and make the taxiway closed.

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probably so, but it doesn’t look like a complete solution… moreover, I don’t
want to have a taxi there even if it’s hidden. i hope SU11 will have a new
options to do this so they can easily switch above or below the surface.

Hello @niksan29 , sorry for the late answer, You
can use LightSupport in this case and use the gizmo to make them bigger or
smaller; however, I tested it and found some bugs that I will report to the
developers. In the meantime, you can use WombIIActual’s solution. Regards,

Hey! thanks, I’ll try later;) but it seems to me that this will not be quite
the result I expected (not the same as when placing a taxi line nearby)… I
would like a lamp on the surface of concrete (and not just light):

I checked, this is not what is needed, it just uppers or lowers the lights in
the form in which they already were…

Hi @niksan29 , It’s not a quick solution but you can achieve what you want by
using light

with the mesh “RUNWAY_Tips_Green_Green” for example. Regards, Boris

Hey @Boris1 yes, it’s really too complicated path that is required very very
rarely… I still hope that you will implement in future updates an easy way
to switch lamp: above or below the surface. and at the moment, it still seems
that the easiest way (for switch the type of lamps above or below the surface)
is add the taxi path nearby or not …

Hey! Are there any updates regarding this issue?