Same runway listed several times on World Map

I am currently modifying a default airstrip. In the Delete section, I first checked all the boxes to delete all runways, starts, taxiways, holds, etc. When I zoom in on the World Map, I see my new runway 17/35. But in the dropdown, where you can choose which runway to spawn from, it lists the primary rwy 17 three times. 35 is only there once. I have another airstrip that is doing the exact same thing.

FWIW I’ve seen this on default airports too - check YCBA, rwy 23 is listed 3 times (once at the top, twice at the end).

I had always “assumed” it was listing a number of same runways based on the number of approach types available for that runway., although it does not indicate that., so I have just ignored the duplicates

Pick your battles …

Thanks. “Pick your battles” great advice.