Scene default Units


In your documentation, it said

The file units setup should be Metric Meters: 1 Unit = 1 Meter

Sounds like an advice rather than a constraint.
Can we work with World Unit = cm or is it going to mess up transferred data from 3dsmax to the SDK?
Working in Meters in Max is kind of a nightmare :frowning:

Hello @LioC ,

It’s best to use 1 unit per 1 meter to prevent scaling issues between 3ds Max and the final GLTF. While using centimeters may also work, keep in mind that we always recommend a 1 unit to 1 meter ratio to avoid any side effects.


You can still work in cm, if you prefer it. Before exporting, do as follows:

  • Save the .MAX file when the System untis are still cm.

  • Change the System Unit Setup to meters

  • Reload the .MAX file you just saved, and select the option to “Rescale”.

  • Export. Don’t save this file.

  • When you need to work again on the file, change the System Units back to cm, and reload the last file you saved.