Scenery Editor : cannot select a specific .BGL in multi-airport projects

If an airport asset contains multiple .XML airport source files in the same
source folder, although it’s compiled perfectly fine, when selecting the Asset
in the Scenery Editor, only the first airport in alphabetical order is shown,
and the button to select another one doesn’t show any other airports. This can
fixed by making a separate Asset for each airport but, with a project with
several hundred airports it’s a bit messy.

Hello @virtuali There are two main ways of putting several airports in a
single package: - A single BGL asset group / XML scenery file containing
several airports. - One BGL asset group / XML scenery file per airport The
structure you mention with one BGL and several xml files is accepted by the
package builder but not handled by the Scenery Editor. Internally, we go for
the first option and some of our XML files are containing dozens of airports.
This is not an issue performance wise as the rendering is only done for nearby
elements. Regards, Sylvain