Scheduling with WorldScripts or Mission Scripts

With BGL routes its necessary to create schedules. Is there a way to create
schedules for waypoints with WorldScripts or Mission Scripts? Thanks SFSimsDev

any specific reason to use scripts?

Mainly because simobjects can currently only have collisions when placed
through mission scripts. I think the way to go is to add a Schedule option
to the ParameterAI , just like the AircraftAI has.

They also have the potential for more flexibility than BGL so I’m keen to see
what’s possible and what the limitations are.

Everything about worldscripts will be easier if the Devs will release the full
documentation about them! At the moment only a fraction of the code about them
is in the MSFS SDK, and I hate lurking the P3D SDK to obtain the info that
should already be available in the Msfs SDK, moreover because some Devs are
already using those scripts and I’m quite curious what is their source (and
decompiling is not really fair to me)

I just finished a project that used WorldScripts to spawn vehicles and
schedule them to drive around the airport. WorldScripts are essentially
FSX/P3D missions, and you can add as many “missions” to an airport as you
want. Each mission script can spawn SimObjects, move them around, make them
react to triggers (=scheduling), play sounds & animations, etc as if you were
playing a mission. Unfortunately MSFS script editor is broken and manual
programming is pretty exhausting given that missions are meant to be edited
with modern node editor, so I’ve personally abandoned this in favor of doing
things through WASM module for greater flexibility. If you want to get
started, look into FSX and P3D missions. MSFS shares the same core.

There are multiple sources. Of course the mission system is adapted from FSX, so you can use old documentation:

To learn more about it, I used the missions included in the game, the propdefs, and a lot of my own testing. I have compiled everything I learned on the FSDeveloper Wiki, basically creating my own documentation. A good page to start would be Mission Creation for MSFS or
MSFS Mission Script Building blocks.

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