SDK 0.19.3 - Max 2023 exporter and updated documentation?

Just installed the latest SDK 0.19.3, found the following issues: - The
installer doesn’t list Max 2023 as an install option. However, a 2023 folder
is installed in the plugins\gltf_exporter folder. - The documentation is
still listed as 0.19.2 in the release notes.

Hello @virtuali - The offline documentation will be fixed. In the meantime,
you can use the online documentation - I
was not abble to reproduce this. Can you uninstall the SDK CORE, remove the
folder Tools and install again to see if it’s better ? Regards, Boris

I already tried doing that: uninstall of all old SDK components, removed the
MSFS SDK folder and reinstalled just the latest Core executable. The issue is
not the installer showing the Max 2023 option disabled ( as if it didn’t
detect Max 2023 ) it’s the Max 2023 is not even listed as an option in the
Installer, see the attached screnshot.

Can confirm this. SDK installer doesn’t see 3ds max 2023 installation.

Confirmed. Meanwhile this worked for me:

For me too. I just renamed the 2022 folder to 2023 and change a path in bat.
But it should be in the installer.