SDK 0.24.3 - <Parameters> section missing attributes descriptions

General Template Definitions

This section does not have info on

< Parameters Type=“Editable” >< Parameters Type=“Override” >< Parameters Type=“Default” >

Link to parameter attributes has no relation to these attributes - describes “Process” edit: ok this is incorrect it relates to Parameter (without an s)

Also an explanation of the < AddParams > and < AddOptions > and < RemoveParams > is missing or difficult to find.

Please add SDK information on

< EditableTemplateParameters >

Perhaps these are deprecated and it’s < parameters type=“editable” >. Please add the deprecated info if this is the case.

in General Template Definitions

Kicking this thread - and changing to bug as questions don’t seem to get answered.

Please add

Answer the question



			<Condition Check="ANIM_NAME_100_FEET">

resovle to true or false

That’s documented quite clearly Program Template Definitions. You probably want NotEmpty in this case.

This is an ASOBO template, that’s why I ask. I don’t see the definition of these editableparameters


This issue has been logged and added to our backlog.
Thank you for reporting this.