SDK BUG: Only remove runways is marked and SDK deletes everything (taxiways and aprons)

Hello @klokous,

The package you sent us has some errors:

  • Missing title
  • Two BGL files, and one of them is empty
  • Your material textures are not located in the ‘texture’ folder as specified in the docs:

    Please remember to clean and build your project after addressing these issues.

Finally, you have two options:
Option 1: Delete your current materials and create new ones using the correct images path.
Option 2 (much easier): Open every .material file in your materialLib and update the line:
<Texture FileName="mytexture.png" ..."/>
<Texture FileName="texture/mytexture.png" ..."/>
I’ve tested by addressing all these issues, and the apron now displays correctly.


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