SDK Localizer, Glideslope and DME Function - (Magic?)

So first let me say my airport will never be real-world in MSFS - it is totally fictious with no airport having or ever being located there.

So, after many hours reading the SDK documentation, watching way to many videos on the subject - learning my shortcomings with XML, reading all about ADE and a recompiling count of my airport approaching the national debt - it still doesn’t work and I’m thinking the method to success is only taught to wizards at Hogwarts and must be a well guarded secret dealing in magic. The beams were even visible and in the correct orientation in DEV mode, but alas no joy, no reaction in the aircraft. Is there anyone out there who has had success and if so could they share their XML coding with me. I promise to keep it a well guarded secret and only speak of it in whispers and in the dark of the night.

Thank you (and sorry, I don’t have the magic, secret password)
FlyAwayIn 2023

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There is a very good example of the ILS-DME-Glideslope entries in the KALO airport example in the SDK samples. You can load the project XML into the DevMode, and see how it is made in-sim development, or just look at the scenery XML under the Runway entry.
If you are using Navigraph, then your custom ILS, etc… will not display properly, as I understand it, because Navigraph overrides everything.
Search the SDK docs for ‘glideslope’ and you’ll get the basic info that is used in the xml.

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I was hoping that with the correct data placed in the SDK application, the software would correctly apply the data in the correct location using the correct XLM tags. The SDK application menu and instructions make it quite simple, it is the software follow through that seems to be lacking. I did review KALO and in the XML I saw no ILS data - it was in the “Simple Navdata”, but no glideslope definition was show. So is the parent of “Ils” <Airport… or is it <Runway… and is glideslope <Airport… or <Runway… and where does “Dme” live… The correct physical location and placement was not an issue, as with the VASI lights, one check yes should have done it. Thank you though - I suspect this still has some factors needing clarification.

Cheers and have a great week.

I went back and did find the ILS for KALO and used the format in my XML - Still the ILS does not like being part of the <Runway… coding. Got the following complier error.

ERROR: line=243, col=242, Element ‘Ils’ is unexpected according to content model of parent element ‘Runway’.
Expecting: RunwayStart, Material.

Thank you for the help though.

Hi @FlyAwayIn2023,

Could it be that your XML doesn’t follow the order rule specified in the docs?

This element is allowed to contain the following sub-elements, which must occur in the following order <Markings /> , <Lights /> , <OffsetThreshold /> , <BlastPad /> , <Overrun /> , <ApproachLights /> , <Vasi /> , <Ils> , <IlsReference /> , <RunwayStart /> , <RunwayDeformation /> , <RunwayColoration /> , <Material /> and <Coloration /> .

It would make it easier if you shared your XML for review.

Best regards,

Eric / Asobo

Hi Eric,

Thank you for the reply. I went back to ensure that everything matched the order given in the SDK Documentation and it did (not all optional items used). Since I input all the parameters in via the Project Editor, “runway” properties, originally and I had not change any program structure I thought it would be correct. Alas, I am about burned out on Ils installations. Since RNAV works great I’ll leave it at that until Ils is made a we bit more new user friendly. Everything else went smooth. My grandson will just have learn to fly something other the FBW A320 into our island’s airport. Something that is RNAV capable .

Cheers George

I’m sorry, I should have shared the xml before. Since I could only get the package (with ils/glideslope) to build once and having no luck getting it back into the sim without errors I took them out. So here it is as it is (working in the sim) , without ils, com’s or waypoints. If someone could put the ils, glideslope and com’s in place with a couple of a waypoints, I’d frame the example in gold. P.S. I’m still working on taxiways (WIP).

52GL.xml (31.8 KB)

Thank you again Eric!

Here’s a link giving good instruction for setting ILS and glidescope:
This might get you started: (6.9 KB)

Thanks for the reply and link. I did go and followed it, double checking each input. The xml will build but alas no ils received by several aircraft tested. The RNAV works great and puts you down right on the touchdown markings, the VASI lights work great, in fact everything performs wonderfully, just no ILS, Glideslope or DME. I must be holding my mouth wrong… It’s a brand new airport in the middle of nowhere so there should be no conflicts and if it’s working for everyone else, I must be doing something wrong. I’m sure it is something simple that all the experts didn’t even think of, one of those, “everyone knows that!” Looks like I may be the exception. Cheers

Again thank you.

If you use Navigraph, it will not use the ILS you provide:

I do have Navagraph installed but normally I uses the flight plan provided in MSFS. So are you saying that Navagraph will conflict with my created ils even when not used for navigation setup and needs to be uninstalled before the ils to work? Even when not planning an approach, when I tune Nav radios to the ils I should receive it. I have attached a couple of screenshots of my ils SDK setup. Again it builds with no errors. It frustrating to see the ils and glideslope pointing down the runway and not be able to use them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help a rookie.

I don’t use Navigraph. But one of the reasons to use Navigraph is that it replaces all the ILS settings in the sim. Your runway does not exist in the sim, so it might not work with Navigraph. Remove it and see if that is the cause.

You nailed it - Navigraph removed and it works fine. Thank you so much for the help!

I’m learning, one small step at a time. Now on to a couple of waypoints.



When creating addons, it’s usually a best practice to empty the Community folder and deactivate all other addons. Lot’s of sticky problems caused by interference.