Seeking Guidance on Aircraft and Airport Creation for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Hello Microsoft Flight Simulator Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m passionate about contributing to the Microsoft Flight Simulator community by creating airplanes, airports, and scenery. However, I find myself unsure of where to start. Are there dedicated video tutorials, handbooks, or comprehensive documentation available that could guide me through the process?

Additionally, I am curious about the Microsoft Flight Simulator Partner program. I’ve encountered challenges in being accepted, and I understand the importance of maintaining quality standards and preventing marketplace spam. However, I wonder if there could be a more transparent evaluation process, such as testing the work done by developers to ensure the best outcomes for the entire community.

my questions in detail are :

  1. Are there comprehensive resources like video tutorials or handbooks for creating airplanes, airports, and scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

  2. Can you provide insights or advice on getting accepted into the Microsoft Flight Simulator Partner program, considering concerns about quality and marketplace spam?

Your guidance and expertise would be immensely valuable to me and potentially to others in a similar situation. I appreciate your time and assistance.


The official documentation is here

Downloading the SDK from within the game will provide a good amount of samples to thinker on

About tutorials and guidance, search on youtube for MSFS SDK tutorial,
You will find lot of them, like mine (Federico Pinotti) or Flying Theston, Patriot Six and Myphysicalworld

About Marketplace, my personal advice is “search for another vendor”
I’m in line with my application for 33 months right now yeah, that’s almost three years!
Pretty bad marketing management by Microsoft, but this is not the place to talk about Marketplace -actually there is no place, you just apply and pray that your application is evaluated like every other else, because we all are Equal and all applicant are Equal.yes.


Thank you so much.