SET_STARTER1_HELD SDK info needs slight update

STARTER1_SET info is correct as you can use it as a toggle and for piston it
will stay on for short period. Then it suggests to use the
if you wish it to stay on. And this is also correct but the SDK says you can
set to off (false) with another call and this is not true. It will only turn
off once the rpm is over 50% and running. So it does NOT work like a toggle. I
now am using the STARTER1_SET as I need as toggle switch because we do not
turn fuel on until 20% rpm and the user may turn the starter off before
getting to 50% rpm. So that is how I know this well. Took a while to work out
why I could not toggle off. Thought I would share this info to help update the
SDK, because when it means the
really does stay on, it really stays on…LOL

Thank you! I was wondering for hours why I can’t turn it off and queued the
the problem for later, to now find the answer here. Thanks!

Hello @Flysimware You are correct. When using SET_STARTER1_HELD to set if
off, it will only switch off after the starter_time time set in
engines.cfg has elapsed (so only applicable to piston engines). You want to
use STARTER1_SET to instantly set it off. Thank you for reporting the
issue. The documentation will be changed accordingly. Regards, Sylvain