Setting a string value on a variable using RPN & Gauge API execute_calculator_code()


Is it possible to set string values with RPN and execute_calculator_code()?

I have tried various syntax combinations. Basically the only one that doesn’t produce errors in the MSFS console is wrapping the string value in single quotes, eg:

'ABC123' (>A:ATC ID, string)

But this doesn’t actually do anything either, eg. the ATC ID doesn’t change.

Setting the same variable with SimConnect (SetDataOnSimObject(...)) or JS API (SimVar.SetSimVarValue(...)) does work (as expected).

I’ve tried double quotes, escaped quoted, wrapping the string in various brackets, “formatting” a string first (eg. using % notation and with F:Format), using ... (>F:VarA) notation in various ways, and some other silly stuff.

Is there a magic sauce, or does this simply not work for some (undocumented) reason?

FWIW, reading a string value with, eg. execute_calculator_code("(A:ATC ID, string)", ...) works fine.

Here’s a 2 yo post I found on the subject over at the main forums, showing some things Hans had tried as well (but no responses):

Granted there’s no specific example in any docs of setting a string value this way, that I can find. But what is one supposed to do, then?

For “A” Sim Vars I guess SimConnect could be used instead.
What about “GPS” variables (they’re settable/usable via JS API, but not via SimConnect that I can figure out).
Or “Z” vars (if those can even be strings)? Not sure there are any other settable types which can be strings.