Setting ILS via SimConnect in 747 not working


I can set the NAV radios via SimConnect and external software without issue.

However, when the ILS is set with the 747, the ILS does not activate. It appears that the ILS must be activated using the FMC panel in the 747 aircraft.

So, that means I can never tune to an ILS using SimConnect. Does anyone have a solution?

Also, when flying close to a VOR, the 747 automatically tunes to that VOR. I want to tune to another VOR but I can’t via SimConnect. The 747 replaces my NAV frequency every second with the VOR it thinks is closest. Anyone have a solution to this also?


This is how the Boeings (and other real airliners) work. The FMC/FMS automatically tunes navaids based on it’s internal criteria unless you manually tune in the CDU radio navigation page.


Tricky situation because programmatically tuning a navaid via SimConnect doesn’t have the desired outcome on some of its aircraft. That means SimConnect is limited to specific aircraft type.

However, even with the basic Cessna 152 tuned to an ILS, only the frequency and NAV CDI is returned by SimConnect. All of the other data is ‘empty’, when clearly there’s a glideslope displayed in the plane, but the NAV GSI is 0. According to the documentation a lot of these variables should be populated.

So, I have no idea what’s going on.

Here’s a screen shot: