Sim Update V Early Build - should we report bugs?

Hi. Should we report bugs of the Sim Update V5 Early Build, and if so, where
to? I ask since there is a significant amount of critical things., I would
assume most of them must be known to the Team.


Yep it’s going to happen here, but I’m currently creating the dedicated
private section. Please hold on for a couple more hours and and soon as it’s
ready, you’ll get the instructions from MS :slight_smile:

Have a good day.


Thank you Alyzée! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question. I did want to ask the same.

Thanks, we have some reports to do!

Is there any update on this? Have anybody received access to the dedicated
private section? Since two updates the editor is broken in the sim update V
early build we cannot prepare our content for xbox. Thanks!

Any update?

You should have received an e-mail from MSFS with an address to report bugs. I
am not sure if I can post it here. BTW: custom animations still do not work as
well as LOD settings.

Thanks! I have received that email address. Reported some stuff but no
response. I have contacted MS on Teams as well, they said they are are looking
for a way to get responses out to issue reports. For me the biggest issues are
the disappearing projected meshes, the unopenable Airport group in the editor.
I have also realised the not working animations. What is the issue with the
LOD’s? I did not see anything so far.

Hello, I have serious problems because of sim update v, I never got an email
about where to report the problems and I have very serious problems. can you
tell me which is the private forum for this? Thank you.

There is no private forum (yet). You can report your issues to the same email
where you received the access to your Sim V.

Hello, Actually there is; I added you to the group, now the 2 of you should be
able to access the “Preview Performance Plus” space and report your issues
here. I’m sorry you were not added earlier, I got a list of emails from MS but
sometimes the email they have isn’t the one you use on AH, so there’s a
mismatch (and it can be my human fault too :expressionless: ) This being said, you can also
report issues on the dedicated section of the forum, but about that you
must have received all data from Microsoft directly.