SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject; StaticObject doesn't orient to terrain, GroundVehicle drives away

I have created stationary simobject vehicles that are spawned with
SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject. These objects are not meant to move and
have no animations. I used simobject category StaticObject but the vehicles
will not orient themselves to the terrain (partially buried/floating). If I
use GroundVehicle they will align to terrain but move away in fwd/rev. Is
there a way to park a spawned GroundVehicle or preferably have StaticObject
“snap to normal” with Simconnect? Any help appreciated

Give it a parking break and set it via SimConnect, that should stop if from

Thanks, that sounds logical. Can someone point me in the right direction for
adding a parking brake to GroundVehicle simobject? I’ve looked through sdk
documentation for Ground Vehicle config definitions/examples but don’t see
anything for parking brake. Is this something that needs to go in the model
.xml? Thanks in advance

If the vehicles are not meant to move, send their variable “SIM DISABLED” to
1, so you’ll turn off their internal simulation, which will be better for fps
compared to set their brakes. In addition to that, unless you have specific
reasons to create them through Simconnect, it’s definitely easier to just add
them to the scenery with the Scenery Editor, which DOES allow SimObjects to be
placed as “static”, with no need to use Simconnect, as it was with FSX/P3D.
Just set the “snapToGround” to TRUE, with an altitude of 0, so they’ll stay on

Thanks I will try this, I think this is what I’m looking for. We are using
this to generate dynamic scenes so its not possible to use scenery. The
StaticObject works great in scenery with snap to ground and snap to normal.