SimConnect: ILLEGAL_OPERATION exception received by wrong client

Basically, we have the following problem: We subscribe to not-yet-existing
ClientData with Period set to SECOND and then every SimConnect client is
receiving ILLEGAL_OPERATION exception every second, not just the client that
made the subscription, which is breaking some applications. Our code is pretty
much as follows:

SimConnect.MapClientDataNameToID("blah:blahblah", 0);
SimConnect.AddToClientDataDefinition(0, 0, 4);


If you connect with Simvars Watcher you’ll see exceptions in the log after
executing this code in a different process.

I have already pointed that out in [this
exceptions-being-thrown-by-other-clients/393515) some time ago. I don’t know
if the problem has been identified or if any fixes have been applied to this
area, though.

It’s definitely still happening.

Hi there, We have reproduced & fixed the issue. The fix will be available in
Sim Update 9. Best regards, Eric / Asobo