SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObject returning data from wrong object

I’m trying to read the temperature of a SimObject I placed myself using C# Managed Code.
In general, it’s working fine. For example, I can use SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObject to get the Latitude, Longitude, Altitude etc. from the object I’ve placed. They all return the correct values.

However, when trying to read AMBIENT TEMPERATURE for example, I’m not getting the temperature at the simobject position, but at the current aircraft position.
This can easily be checked by moving the own aircraft up/down with the slew mode. The temperature will change, even when the placed object remains stationary.
This behavior seems to affect all “Ambient / Weather” simvars.

Is this a bug or a limitation of the sim?

Edit: I’m using the SU14 beta, cannot tell if this was already the case in SU13

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Weather Data is only simulated near the user airplane thats why you get the temperature of the user airplane.

That’s what I feared, thanks

anything specific you want to do?

Not really, was just trying some things out

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