SimConnect Variables - Source of Truth

Does anyone know of any resource which is considered the best “Source of truth” for SimVars?

I’ve found multiple locations so far which contain SimVar info such as:

SimConnect Variable Index
SimConnect Variable Category pages
Programming API page listing Environment Variable SimVars
Release Notes mentioning new SimVars (not in documentation above)
SimVarWatcher code

All of these sources seem to have errors and/or inconsistencies so I was wondering if anyone knew of better sources of truth to discover these and reference their default units and how to use them.


new simvars being added into SimVarWatcher code constantly, so I think it is reliable source (sometimes wrong units linked with some variable though)

Thanks :slight_smile: SimVarWatcher was helpful, IIRC it had ~30 SimVars more then what I could see in the index / category pages alone. It’s still missing lots though, and as you mentioned many of the units are wrong. I’ve tried to create a list of SimVars from all of these sources which seems to give an additional ~40 on top of what SimVarWatcher has. It makes me wonder which other ones I’m missing.

Also, am I imagining things or did the new SDK update 0.23.1 not come with SimVarWatcher and the samples that were in the previous versions?

Have a look here : “MSFS SDK\Samples\VisualStudio\SimvarWatcher”

I did a fresh install of the latest SDK and it doesn’t seem to include the Samples folder.

Did you in stall the MSFS SDK Samples Installer MSI package, together with the Core installation ?