SimConnect: Weather preset API?

Dear all, There are plenty of weather related questions here, so excuse me if
I duplicate a question that has already been asked: Question: Is it or will
it be possible to select a given weather preset via SimConnect?
I guess I am
looking for a (simple) replacement of the now deprectated Weather API:
But in fact much simpler: all I want is to programmatically - via SimConnect,
that is from an external app - select any of the existing weather presets
(including “Live Weather” which would then turn on the corresponding live
weather option in MSFS. Note that I am not asking for “historical weather” or
anything like that). And possibly an API to query the existing “weather
presets” in the given MSFS instance. So far Id did not find any SimConnect
functions (or “simulation variables” or “events” that I could query / set
instead) - or did I simply miss it? Many thanks!

Of course this question could be extended to also include APIs for setting all
the values that we can change in MSFS in the Weather dialog itself: cloud
layers and altitudes, humidity, wind, direction… But a simple API to query
the existing and select a given “weather preset” would already be a good start
(for me) :slight_smile:

Any ideas? So is there not even a plan to provide any means via SimConnect to
select and query any weather presets? Or am I simply not seeing the obvious
solution that is so trivial that no one bothers to even reply? :wink: Or at least
a comment like „sounds like a good idea, but is currently low on our list„ or
a „won‘t do, because that crosses our plans elsewhere“?

Hello @Steeler No, there’s no such feature in the SimConnect API at the
moment. For now, this can only be done through JS and it’s not documented yet
(check the fs-base-ui\html_ui\JS\Services\Weather.js file) Regards,

Thank you for your reply. „For now, this can only be done through JS“ Okay, so
I understand: „in process addons“ only. I am in a „remote C++ process“
context, so I guess I have to wait then :wink: Consider this question as an „idea“
then and keep us informed (as you always do) should such a SimConnect API
extension come into existence :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi @FlyingRaccoon! I tried to find the Weather.js file but can’t locate it. Can you share some info on where to look for it?