SimObjects LOD size discrepancy (Started after SU V)

Hi, We are having problems with the LOD’s and how the object size calculation
(As shown in LOD debug) changes under certain conditions. We have a set of
vehicles that are added into the sim as a SimObject(Using LW). If we use just
a single LOD, all our objects load fine in the sim. But as soon as I try to
add another LOD, all my vehicles disappear from the sim. This was working
perfectly fine before the SU V, and we had LOD changes at our wanted
distances. But it is no more the case. Upon looking at the LOD debug from the
dev menu, I was able to spot a very peculiar change in the “Size” parameter
inside the LOD debug as I add or remove the LOD. Please see the pictures. This
first picture represents the object with just a single LOD. As you can see, my
object displays fine and the LOD debug menu shows me a Size of the object at
141, which seems appropriate as compared with other objects.

However, as soon as I add
another LOD, this size suddenly changes to an extremely small value (2 as in
the picture) and my object is no longer visible in the sim. I had to enable
Force active LOD to see my object. The other LOD is just a triangle located at
the center of the scene with no materials/animations or anything. It is
supposed to be displayed when the user is far away from the
object. This is how my XML looks
like. Is there any thought on
what is wrong and how we can achieve a good LOD system in SU V. I originally
posted this issue here when SU V beta started, thinking of it as a jetways
bug, but it turned out to be different than that. Any help is appreciated!

ASOBO any help on this subject please?

Hello. I don’t see anything wrong in your xml and we don’t have this issue on
our SimObjects. Can you provide me with your package so I can see what’s
happening? Regards, Sylvain

Hi, Thanks for your reply, test object is attached along with some details as
a private comment. Looking forward to hearing your observations regarding
this. Thank you! Regards,

Hi @RefluentBlock74 I wasn’t able to see your object at LFPG but I spawned it
in one my scenery and was able to see your LOD1.
I’m not sure to understand what
the issue is here… You added a LOD1 which basically is on purpose a small
triangle at ground level so it makes sense you struggle to see it (especially
as it z-fights with ground) and having a small debug size value makes sense as
it’s a small triangle. Maybe I’m missing something here but the behaviour I
observe is the one I expect. Regards, Sylvain