SimObjects spinning at the end of AI route

AI SimObjects occasionally spin (sometimes for several minutes) at the end of
their BGL routes before they finally settle. Is this a known bug that is being
worked on?

@FlyingRaccoon Hi has anyone seen this yet?

I guess boats? Have you tried the same route but added via SimConnect?

Hello. Not yet as we are struggling to put resource on this. I’m afraid you’ll
have to be patient but be sure I’ll update this post as soon as we come up
with a fix. Regards, Sylvain

Yep. Not yet re SimConnect. Have you had any luck with SimConnect yourself?

Did yesterday one test with SimConnect and had no issues, will run some more,
do you have this issue with any specific Boat? While testing I saw that some
boats are actual spawn in the wrong directon and then sail backwards the whole

Regarding this, we came up with an interim solution which for the most part
has been very successful. You need to be able edit the position of your
Airport / Airfield taxiway hold point, adjacent to the runway. In reality at
most Airports, it is most likely that the holding point for the runway, has a
curved taxiway just before it. Obviously in the Sim ( MSFS ) this is done the
same as in reality. The problem is that the ‘ curved ‘ taxiway seems to cause
a problem for the waiting AI Aircraft which almost immediately begin to rotate
or spin at the holding point, whilst waiting for clearance to enter the
runway. Using the in Sim Dev tools of the SDK, you need to move the holding
point to be at the very end of the straight length of taxiway, before
the curved part of the taxiway, that joins the runway. ( All of the runway
holding points will need to be moved following the same procedure ) We have
not encountered any other issues with departing or landing AI Aircraft because
of this, they still continue to do so as normal. Regards, Pete.

Hi @FlyingRaccoon - Can you provide an update
on this? 1+ year in.

Hi @FlyingRaccoon @Boris - Is there any way that this could be looked at? The
ships still spin when they reach the end of their route. The Answer below,
though appreciated, is for another symptom for a different problem. Thanks,