Skinned meshes in cockpit culled as camera zooms in/out

Thank you to those who helped me on yesterday’s question. I have now
implemented my gauges using skin & bones for vertex animation but have
encountered an issue. The skinned meshes appear and disappear based on the
zoom of the camera. This feels like a bug to me, but I hope I’m just doing
something wrong here?

Hello Several suggestions on this: - It can come from that mesh bounding
sphere being misplaced. Make sure your mesh is located at the right place
before animating it. If your first animation frame moves the mesh far away
from its original position, the culling based on the bounding sphere
(generated at the original mesh position) can cause such problems. - Do you
have your withInterior_forceFirstLod parameter set to true in the
model.cfg? If not, make sure it is or make sure your animation is
correctly set in all LODs - If none of this is working, try putting this
animated mesh in front of the gauge to make sure it’s not a z conflict issue.
Regards, Sylvain

None of these things fixed it, but I resolved the issue by putting a ‘T-Pose’
with the gauges in the full position at Frame 0. Previously frame 0 had the
animation for the gauges in the empty position.

Yeah ok so bounding sphere being generated from frame 0, it was basically too