Slight crosswind and Glider can't be towed by Towplane - Designed Behaviour?

If there is a slight crosswind, it seems the glider cannot be towed. the
towplane struggles to pull the glider along. Is there a way to give the
towplane more power? Tried using ai.cfg Cruise speed, did not seem to work.

Have you tried other gliders? I’ve been aerotowed in quite strong crosswinds
in at least the AS33 and JS3. The ground run is what you expect with it being
tricky to stay lined up with the tug, then when you lift off you get blown
sideways a bit followed hopefully quickly with the tug taking off and from
then on you’re straight with the tug but of course drifting with the wind.
Perhaps there’s a difficulty with skids vs wheels?

Sounds more like a ground friction problem of the skid, maybe a friction value
too high sideways?

I’ve tried numerous things, adding wheels instead of skids. Looking at the
debug Wheel in dev mode, there is no friction to cause this issue. Changing C
of G, adding removing weight. The tow plane pulls10-20 feet and stops. The
common issue is weather if there is a cross wind or even wind from behind
can’t takeoff with the tow plane. Head wind or slightly off head wind then
works fine. Can you add more power to the tow. How can I debug this issue?