Some longstanding Jetways issues

I’m not sure this is an SU10-specific issue, because I’ve noticed it before,
but maybe there might be a chance to fix it for SU10. The screenshots shows
what I think are several issues with Jetways and Jetway Links: 1) Jetways
sometimes dock in strange places
. In my screenshot, the jetways docked on
the back passenger door, passing through the airplane wing. Sometimes, they
even dock on the service door, with the head turned around itself
completely. Yes, there are some fairly rare jetway types that are designed to
pass over the wing, but they are very uncommon, and they are quite different
in design anyway. And, docking on the opposite side of the cabin is simply
wrong. I think it would be best to allow docking only on the main passenger
door, even if there isn’t a specific type that differentiate a “main”
passenger door from just a passenger door, this could be the farthest along
the longitudinal axis. And, docking on a door on the right side of the
fuselage should be avoided in any case, because the jetway coming from the
left side will cross into the fuselage in that case. The best option would
just not docking, better saying the jetway cannot dock ( so maybe users might
park differently), rather than have it docked in strange places. 2) Jetways
seem to loose sync of their docked status when switching LODs
. Initially,
the jetway seems fine but, after a minute or so if you wander around in
Showcase Camera
so different LODs are triggered, some LODs shows the jetway
docked, but other don’t, and even if you go close again, the better LODs that
used to work when the jetway docked initially, show the jetway as not
connected. 3) Jetway links sometimes don’t extend. In the screenshot, some
of they have extended, some of them haven’t, at the same airport. This is also
seem to be more common when triggering LOD switches by wandering around with
the Showcase Camera. Ending the flight, going back to the Main Menu and
returning to the same place usually fix the issue, until it’s back again, due
to LOD switching. Attached some screenshots, Jetways are the DEFAULT ones,
there are NO ADD-ONS in the Community folder, the airport is default LIMC (
Milan Malpensa ).

Huge upvote to this. Jetways also connect different every time. Sometimes they
fit the fuselage spot on, and sometimes the head just “dips” downwards etc.
Also SDK sample is lacking a stair bone.

I’m bumping this, since for us airport developers this is a serious issue
which, incidentally, penalizes developers taking optimization seriously
because, the only “fix” that works is…making jetways with NO LODs. I had a
look on a recently released commercial scenery that included custom jetways
that didn’t show this problem so, I checked the files and, guess what, they
made jetways with a single LOD. Of course, this is not acceptable from a
performance point of view but, from an end user point of view (those who buy
airports), the “good” multi-LOD optimized jetways will appear as “bugged”,
while the ones with no LODs “just work”, and this is particularly a problem on
Xbox, where using LODs is basically mandatory, as it should be.

Hello @virtuali 1) When that happens, it’s mostly a problem with jetway or
parking spot being wrongly placed. This is the case at LIMC where the parking
spot is too much forward compared to the jetway. Problems like this should be
reported through Zendesk. If you know a case where it happens when jetway and
parking spot are correctly placed, let me know and I’ll investigate. 2) We
used to have jetway LOD issues a few SU ago that we fixed. I wasn’t aware we
still had issues like this. I will try to repro. 3) We are aware of this issue
and it’s being tracked. We just fail to have a reliable repro at the moment.
Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon 1) Sure, I know what’s causing the jetway to dock in the
wrong place, a combination of where the parking spot is located, where the
airplane has parked there, and its door configuration. However, my point was
that, instead of MSFS trying to dock the jetway on any possible door, it
should filter out doors that will never use jetways in real life, for example
all doors on the right side of the fuselage, which will force the jetway to
end up in an unnatural pose, but also any door behind the center of mass
should probably excluded. 99% of the times, jetways connects only to the first
2 exits on the left side of the fuselage so, if you just exclude all doors on
the right side and all doors behind the wings, it should be the most realistic
case. I think it’s best to just say the jetway cannot be docked ( which is a
message that already exists ), which looks intentional, rather than docking in
weird spots, which looks like a bug. 2) To reproduce the LOD switching problem
more easily, you should use the Showcase/Drone and move away from the jetways,
as if you were trying to look all different LODs, then get close again, the
problem will usually appear immediately. Of course, in order to be noticed,
some jetways must be docked first, either to the user airplane or to some AI.
3) The links issue seems similar, possibly related to LOD switching as well,
it’s easier to notice at large airports, where jetways and links are spread
over a big area, so you need to move around with the camera quite a bit to
notice some links not having extended. Sometimes, they extend in “clusters”,
like a terminal showing all links fine, but on another one they are all

Hello @virtuali 1) We have no way to distinguish between main exit at the
moment but I know our designers are looking to improve this. 2) & 3) I was
able to produce both issues on LIMC using your guidance. It’s not a 100% repro
but reliable enough for us to be able to investigate it. Thank you for your
feedback. Regards, Sylvain

Hello, is this scheduled to be fixed for SU10 release ? The problem still
happens on the latest version

Still not fixed in today’s release.

Hi! Is there any news on this? This issue impact all of our airports, since we
only use default jetways, and our users have been consistently asking for a
solution. Thank you!

I must report the problem is still happening with the latest release, here’s a
short unlisted video, on a default airport ( LIMC ) using default jetways:

any solution to this problem? my jetways also disconnect when i zoom out in
drone mode

The problem with randomly disconnected jetway links also has been reported by
many users in my CYOW. It is random and not everyone experiences this. Some
people see it when departing, others when arriving, some when taxiing. So it
does seem to be connected to LODs. I only use default jetways. This is a very
serious issue and it’s a jarring immersion breaker for users, while I cannot
help in any way to people who paid money for my product.

You can also add no animation to the stairs possible.

The problem is still there in the latest beta! I don’t have any path to
resolution. It’s embarrassing, I don’t know what to tell customers when they
complain about it!