Sounds for scenery objects - idea

It would be very nice and handy to be able to add sounds to scenery
- preferably in a way we do with f/e lights or we did with FX in
FSX/P3D. The current system is limited to Simobjects which is more complicated
and less versatile. With MSFS, much more detailed models are possible
including airport interiors. When visiting those, a good sound design would
deepen the immersion even further but it is really tricky to do everything
with simobjects. So it would be ideal to be able to add an object like a
bounding box (at particular coordinates in a scene), which would refer to a
particular sound file. It should be possible to add multiple objects referred
to the same sound file to cover a particular area - but even better - to be
able to draw an area where a particular sound can be heard
. We can now f/e
designate an exclude area for rain/snow (inside hangars/terminals) - a similar
system but for enabling a particular sound file would be very nice in my
opinion. So - just dropping an idea. The sound design in FS sceneries has
never really been properly done although it may influence a feeling of a
particular location a lot.

We are also keen for this feature.

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Maybe you could try worldscripts. And then you design your sound in WWise. You
can reference the wwise in your script with actions like ‘PlaySoundAction’ or
‘RTPCAction’, see the [fsdeveloper